10 signs that your cat is getting old

Cats fall into the “elderly” category when they reach the age of seven. However, age is not the only indication, there are many signs that can alert you to the aging of your cat. Learn to recognize it.
Your cat doesn’t care to clean itself
As we know, cats are obsessed with hygiene, which is what causes them to lick themselves several times a day. If you notice that your cat is doing less than usual, this is a sign of something wrong. If she is old, it could be a slight aging or a sign of illness. In any case, it is best to consult your veterinarian.
She sleeps more than usual
Adult cats sleep between 15 and 18 hours a day, but as the cats get older, the duration of their pets can increase to sleep more than 20 hours a day. In this case, do not try to wake her up.
Don’t bother to play as before
The cat’s energy decreases with age, so it is normal for your cat to stop playing as it was before. Hunting is no longer a priority for her, so don’t try to bother her much by getting her to play with you.
Meow abounds at night
Not only does the cat’s old body, but also its mind. It is common for older cats to sleep loudly for no reason, often in the middle of the night.
It disturbs the frequent movement
With age, joint, muscle and other pain appears, making it more difficult to jump, walk, or climb stairs. Balance disorders may also appear. So don’t hesitate to hold your cat’s bowls to the ground so that you don’t force them to jump to reach them.
Hearing impairment
Deafness can occur from birth as a result of an accident or illness, but also because of age.
Poor sense of vision
Like deafness, blindness usually appears with age. In this case, arrangements are necessary at home to prevent your cat from colliding with dangerous objects.
Eat less
Aging inevitably leads to loss of appetite in cats. In fact, not only does the digestion process get more difficult, but also dental problems arise, preventing your cat from chewing food effectively.
Pale fur
We often get to know a healthy cat by its fur: it has to be shiny and silky. But an older cat tends to have coarse hair. White hair can also appear on it like humans.
It becomes chaotic
If your cat suddenly starts to leave the litter box and leaves you with a few litter to clean it all over the house, do not scold it. There are many reasons for such behavior in an older cat, including urinary tract infection, aging and others.

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