12 Obvious Signs That He is Totally In Love With You

He Invites You Out for a Day Trip

Ladies, we guys can be super complicated sometimes. And not just because we stop maturing mentally once we hit 14 years old. We are especially a mystery when you’re trying to figure out how we really feel about you. Are we just showering you with attention so that we can get a little sumpthin’-sumpthin’? Or are we exhibiting the signs of a guy who is truly devoted to you and wants a serious relationship? If you are a bit baffled over whether a guy is in love with you, this article should make things a bit more clear.

1. He Always Notices the New, Little Details About You

Have you gotten a new haircut recently? Wearing new earrings? Have you modified your hair color from a shade of green to a slightly different shade of green? The average guy is not going to notice or really even care. But a guy who is in love with you is definitely going to be aware of these subtle changes.

2. He Pampers You Without Expecting Much in Return

When a guy that you’ve just met buys you dinner or flowers, it doesn’t necessarily mean much. He might just be doing it as a courtesy. Or he might just see it as a way to get into your pants. But if a guy is constantly paying attention to detail, taking you out a lot, and fulfilling your emotional needs without demanding anything but your company, it is a very good sign that he’s in love.

3. He Doesn’t Suffocate You

When a guy calls you several times a day, “likes” every one of your Facebook posts, or always demands your time, it doesn’t mean he loves you. That behavior is more akin to an unhealthy obsession. Instead, a guy who is in love with you is tactful. They always make themselves available and they might call you in the morning to wish you a good day and call at night to wish you a restful sleep, but they also want you to have an active life apart from them.

4. He Takes an Active Interest in Your Interests

Do you enjoy dancing, reading, or traveling? If a guy asks you questions about your hobbies and takes the initiative, incorporate them into your plans together, this is definitely a guy who is interested in more than just a Platonic friendship.

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