17 Things That Really Only Happen in Dubai

Gold Facial

When you have a nation of filthy rich citizens, things tend to get a little ostentatious and excessive. Take Dubai, for instance. A recent study revealed that one in every 100 people there is a millionaire, but uber-wealth doesn’t always breed class or style. Sometimes the things the Middle-Eastern nouveau riche choose to spend their money on are a little mind-boggling. Check out these over-the-top scenes from Dubai to see what we mean.

1. Gold Everything

They take their bling seriously in the UAE. Gold jewelry is nice and all, but how about a solid gold Lamborghini? This ultra-luxury car made from a 500 kg block of solid gold was on display at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show, with a $7.4 million price-tag, in case you’re in the buying mood.

Gold Everything

2. Pets Taking Their Owners for Walks

Money can buy just about anything, but not good sense. Just because you can afford a pet lion, doesn’t mean you should actually get one, much less ride one.

Pets Taking Their Owners for Walks

3. Underwater Hotel

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort was a proposed mega-project that actually sunk a few years ago.

It was envisioned to have 220 luxurious suits 65 feet under the sea, with a goal of being the world’s first 10 star hotel. Various engineering and financial obstacles have put this project on hold, but it may just become a reality in years to come.

In the meantime, the Atlantis hotel in The Palm, Dubai offers Poseidon and Neptune suites set in an aquarium for those who want to feel like they’re staying beneath the ocean surface.

Underwater Hotel

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