5 (Likely) Reasons Your YouTube Videos Aren’t Popular

Hey there, how are you all?
Is your YouTube channel doing okay?
If yes, then it’s a piece of great news. But if No is your answer then you are in the right place. Today I am going answer the top question of every YouTube content creator, “how to make my youtube video popular?
There are a lot of ways you can do it. But the right direction is to do Youtube SEO on your videos. You may think that maybe tough work to do but take my word, it is easier than you thought. You just need to follow the tips to make your youtube video more popular which I will be mentioning later in this post.
Now let’s get in the reasons your YouTube videos aren’t popular:
Reason 01: Your video is not optimized for Youtube.
Every video needs to be optimized for youtube search results. If you are creating tons of video and uploading them on youtube, then expecting a million views. I am sorry. You are living in a dream. This works if you have tons of subscribers or fan base where your fans watch anything you uploads.
Optimizing includes these:
  • Right Keywords
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Tags
  • Playlists
  • Channel Decoration
Reason 02: Your retention rate for the audience is low.
Do your viewers leave your video before the main part starts? Do they leave after a few seconds? Are you facing challenges to get watch time?
That means your retention rate for the audience is low. This could badly affect your channel.
YouTube favors those channels who can hold viewers for a longer time. Besides, you won’t get subscribers if your retention rate for the audience is low.
Reason 03: Your video doesn’t add any value.
This is a serious issue. If your video doesn’t add any values to your viewers than you will not get any outcome.
Ask yourself a question,
“Why anyone will watch your video?”
Answer that question, you will have tons of values in your videos for your viewers.
You have to provide some reasons for your viewers to like and share your videos and also subscribe to your channel.
Reason 04: You do not engage with your viewers.
Do you have your presence in your videos? I mean do you reply to the comments you have on your videos?
That’s the first rule of engagement with your viewers. But you can’t stop there. There are tons of related channels and forums which can drive traffics to your channel. Try to be active in your community. Provide them with related and useful knowledge.
Reason 05: You are lack of PATIENCE!!!!
Okay, this is the most popular problem. Maybe you just started last week and you are expecting a million views. Then YouTUbe is not for you. Go for TikTok, There you can have it.
YouTube is not for those who are lack patience. To be successful on YouTube you need to work hard. In Youtube, your growth rate is slow for the first couple of months. But after a few months when your channel on a pace you will see the real growth of how first your channel is growing.
These are the most popular five reasons stopping you to get traffic to your youtube video.
You can use these tips to make your youtube video more popular.
#Tip 01: YouTube optimization.
You should spend some time to optimize your Youtube channel and videos on it. These are some easy but effective steps to do it:
  • Do keyword research for your video and get a catchy title. Also, write a useful description of your video and use your keyword there.
  • Use custom thumbnails for your video. Custom thumbnails will draw more viewers to your video.
  • Use related tags for your video. There are tons of keyword generators online which will help you to get these.
  • Use playlists to organize your videos.
  • Decorate your channel by using the “Customise channel” button.
#Tip 02: Get a higher retention rate for your audience.
At first, go to youtube analytics and find the reason behind the problem. 
The best way to find the reason behind the problem go to the analytics of your videos and find the average watch time of that specific video. Most of the time that is when your viewers leaving your video. Check out what’s happening there. Solve any problem you find there using the YouTube Editor. You can add a related video card there. It will help your viewers watching another video of your channel but keep them on your channel.
#Tip 03: Add Value to your videos.
Go to google trends. See whats people searching for there. Find out related topics of your niche. Go to your niche related forums and social media groups. Check out anything they want to know. Find solutions to the problems people facing there. Make a good quality video for the solution. Share the video with your audience. You will see the difference. How people gathering in your channel for those solutions will amuse you. 
Do it every time before creating content.
#Tip 04: Engage with your audience.
Try to be active in your community. Don’t think before helping people on other creators’ channel. At first, this may seem not good for you. But in the long run, you will see the result. When people get good results and good info from your comment, they will visit your channel and subscribe to it. 
#Tip 05: Have patience.
YouTube channel takes time to grow. You shouldn’t upload a video today and get viral tomorrow. YouTube follows it’s own algorithm before ranking a video. Just follow all tips here and allow your channel at least  6 weeks to grow. Then check all the analytics of your channel and find out your next step.

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