5 signs to know if your cat is smart

If you want to test your cat’s intelligence, here’s what to note:

1. Your cat is social
If your cat comes to you when you call her, if she welcomes you when you return home, or if she knows that the way she should hug you is by lying next to you on the sofa, this is because her social abilities are somewhat high. It is a sure sign of intelligence.

2. It depends on itself
A cat’s intelligence is also measured by its ability to defend itself and take charge, especially in a situation of danger. Thus, if your cat is especially independent and does not need to leave her food stocks when she is away from home, then this means that she is smart.

3. It has good memory
Cats also have a good memory. In fact, she is able to remember many things, thanks to her highly developed sense of smell. Most of the time, cats feel the smell of a person to remember and recognize them. Thanks to this good memory, the cat notices the slightest change in its environment. In fact, cats live according to a certain daily routine and hate eating at a different time than usual or when guests come.

So in order to know if your cat is smart, you just have to watch it. If she remembers the time when she gave her her meal, it is because she is very smart. To make sure of it, hide some of her favorite croquet under the pillow while she looks at you. Then wait to see if she will remember what she did and if she starts looking for her.

4. Able to learn
Contrary to what we think, cats are also able to learn tricks and obey commands. You should only be encouraged by the bonus, by bringing your cat’s favorite food and trying to teach her some tricks.

5. Express her feelings
If your cat is the type to interact with you and express her feelings, this is evidence of intelligence.

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