5 Things Your Cat Hates About You

Breeding cats is a beautiful and exhausting thing at the same time, as it is an animal that is difficult to please and deal with, and you sometimes adopt behaviors that it hates so much and makes him angry at you, so do not be surprised when he looks at you with these looks that reflect his feeling.

Here are 5 behaviors your cat hates :

Making noise
An animal cat loves calm. So when you start yelling, joy, and anger, or when you turn up the volume on the TV, this greatly irritates it. Tip: When your cat is close, turn down the sound.

Your strong perfume
In addition to hearing, the cat has a strong sense of smell. And if you don’t know it, he hates strong smells. Thus, between perfume scents, deodorants, cleaning products, smoke or even foods (such as garlic and citrus) that you release daily, your cat has enough of a reason to hate you.

Your love for water
It is clear that cats are not necessarily water lovers, we can even say that they avoid it like the plague. The proof is that they only drink a little and only when they are really thirsty, when you see your cat lying in hot baths, wash dishes or sprinkle your face with water, not only understands you, but also finds you disgusting.

Your neglect of him
What your cat hates most is neglecting its cleanliness, and only your cat should not forget to clean its water and food containers before going to sleep.

Your exaggerated tenderness
Yes, your cat is affectionate, and if there is something he cannot handle, you can treat it this way. In the event that you do not know, physical contact is above all a sign of dominance in cats. Yes, the cat loves cuddling, massaging and loving touches, but only when it is he who decided. Would you like someone to touch you everywhere, all the time, without asking your permission ?

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