5 Warning signs that your cat may be sick

Sometimes it is difficult to spot signs of cat disease immediately. But when the cat is sick, it may be accompanied by some noticeable changes in its behavior.

Increased appetite
If your cat stops eating it will feel anxious, but increased appetite can also be a sign of cat disease. Increased appetite may be the result of endocrine disorders, such as: diabetes or even hyperthyroidism, or problems with poor food absorption, such as: bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel disease.

Your cat drinks more than usual
Drinking more water can be a sign that your cat is sick, although cats need fresh water, but drinking lots of water can indicate kidney disease in cats, diabetes, or thyroid problems.

Your cat does not ask for mating as usual
Cats may stop mating for a number of reasons, this may be a sign that the cat is sick and should see a vet. For example, overweight cats cannot mate. Lack of mating can also be associated with dental pain, injuries, or arthritis. As for large cats, mating rates may decrease due to aging.

The cat’s meow is high
The meow is an important way for cats to communicate with humans, so if they are sick they may be more than normal than usual, so if you usually have a quiet cat, then it becomes a lot more filling now, then it may be time to visit the vet.

The smell of the same cat has become unpleasant
85% of cats have gum disease at the age of 3 years, and bad breath is one sign of this. Dental diseases are the most common cause of bad breath in cats, but there can be other causes of bad breath, such as diabetes, increased thirst and urination.

On the other hand, a cat with kidney disease can breathe an odor like ammonia because the kidneys are not able to properly filter waste. Also, infecting cats with internal parasites, such as worms, may cause bad breath.

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