5 Ways To Show Your Cat Love That They Can Understand

It is obvious that you love your cats a lot, but you do not know the best way to tell them that, through these simple daily procedures, your cat will quickly understand what it means for you to exist in your life, however, do not expect her to jump on your neck from excessive happiness, the cats are very complicated When it comes to showing her feelings.

Talk to your cat permanently

Some people think it is foolish to talk to your cat and share your feelings with her, however specialists always recommend this. In fact, talking to your cat is a good way to interact with her and build relationships. Even if she pretends not to listen to you! Of course your cat will not understand what you are going to talk about, but talking to her will show her that you are interested in her, or even encourage her to do the same.

Always be available to her

If your cat feels that every time it comes to you, you push it back because you are so busy, you will feel your lack of interest in it, you should make yourself available every day to spend time with it: hug, play and attention ..

Massage your cat

Most cats love kisses and hugs, but they love massages a lot. Massage it to her can make her feel happy and calm, thereby strengthening your relationship with your cat. However, don’t force her to let you massage it if you don’t want to, by the way, you can also show love to your cat by brushing her fur.

Allow her to sleep next to you

If your cat agrees to sleep next to you, it is because she trusts you, she knows that you can ensure her protection while she sleeps. So, allow her whenever she wants to sleep on your lap, and do not force her to.

Never scare her

Unlike dogs, cats do not understand the meaning of punishment and reprimand, it is useless to try to punish your cat when you do something wrong, and this will only make her lose all the confidence that she gave you. So when you shout at her, don’t understand why. She considers you just an evil person attacking him for no reason.

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