7 Best Opensource VPN Services For 2020

Installing a VPN has become an important way of ensuring an extra layer of security on your devices. Apart from this, it also allows you to bypass geo-block websites and also providing an anonymous browsing experience. Just like a firewall, the VP acts like a shield protecting your online activities and IP address whenever you surf the net, making you seem invisible even to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), spies, hackers and even Government agency that may be monitoring you.
Because the internet is open the public sometimes privacy becomes an issue, this is where the virtual private network comes to play. VPN, as is fondly called, is one of the best ways to protect your privacy online and these services protect up to 5 connected devices providing unlimited data protection.
There are lots of free VPN service on the internet that offers great security protection and anonymous browsing experience, however, some of these services provide better security than others while some other untrusted and malicious sites also parade as a Free VPN provider thereby sharing your data with third-party applications.
When it comes to using a free VPN service, you need to ensure that it is a reputable VPN service provider, it is secured and it protects your entire web browsing.
Choosing the best VPN service
Getting a good VPN service provider can sometimes be a daunting task as there are hundreds of free and paid VPN services. But you don’t need to worry as we have compiled a list of some of the best free VPN services.
Why You need a VPN
  1. Privacy: The VPN is designed for privacy protection online and helps encrypt all the messages you send or receive making it difficult for hackers or any third party application to crack
  2. Security: A VPN provides your device from online threats, attacks, hackers etc by masking your IP address making it hard for attacks and also builds a firewall when you surf the internet.
  3. Unblock Geo-Locked website: In the case where a website is blocked from users or its content restricted in some countries the VPN will help bypass and unblock the content.
  4. Bypassing Firewall: If you reside in countries or work in an organization where a firewall is installed which prevents you from having access to some online resources, A good VPN will help you bypass this firewall.
How to Install A VPN
To install a firewall on your device, firstly, you need to download the VPN. Once you download the application either on your laptop or mobile. Some might require registration while others may not. You need to register. Once you have successfully registered. Set up your VPN and your VPN should be active. However, before you continue your browsing experience. You need to quickly do an IP check to be sure your VPN is now active.
Selecting the Best Free VPN Service
These are some criteria we selected in determining the Best VPN provider
  1. Trustworthy
  2. Offers Strong encryption and OpenVPN
  3. Efficient and all features tested and confirmed working
  4. Pass IP test with no leaks
The Best Free VPN Services
There are several companies that offer vpn for free. Based on research, testing and experience. Here is our top list of best VPN service providers available to users all around the world.
ExpressVPN: This is arguably one of the best VPN services in the market. It provides a fast speed browsing connection and it is packed with advanced security features and over 2,000 servers in over 148 locations scattered across 90 countries. This VPN is one of the most expensive in the market but offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers.
Hotspot Shield: This is another trusted VPN provider with thousands of servers all over the world providing users with military grade data security and encryption which can protect against malware, hacking and any form of security breach or spying. It also offers super fast speed connection.
TunnelBear: This is one of the easiest and most efficient VPN services especially for new users because it provides an easy to use interface and it allows users to connect to servers in over 22 different countries offering great speed and an AES 246-bit encryption which ensures your data security and protection. However, they only offer free VPN up to 500MB data monthly.
ProtonVPN: This VPN offers unlimited data with a lovely interface, it comes built with multi-platform compatibility which provides great security features to ensure utmost security.
Windscribe: This offer users with up to 15GB free data allowance monthly. Users also stand a chance to win an extra 5GB more by tweeting the company. It is awesome for both torrenting and streaming providing access to servers in 10 different countries.
Speedify: Speedify offers up to 5GB data monthly allowance allowing you to access any of its over One thousand VPN servers located in 40-odd countries.
Hide.me: This is another awesome VPN that offers up to 2GB of data monthly and also access to connect up to at least 5 different countries. They offer a no-log policy, with very strong encryption and allows multiple protocols ensuring safety and security
With the huge number of VPN services available today, it will be a good practice to protect yourself from attacks, spying or hackers by providing a firewall or extra security on your devices.

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