9 Things you do that threaten your cat’s life

Your cat is an integral part of your family and we know you love her more than anything in the world, it’s a fact we believe. So it seems ridiculous to think that you could be causing her lower life expectancy. However, many of the actions she does routinely and daily have particularly damaging effects on her health … Here are these things that are a serious threat to her life.

Exaggerate feeding your cat
Obesity is the number one killer of our cat friends. More and more of them live without physical stimulation, and most cats live in apartments, eat food throughout the day but never get rid of it. Moreover, overweight cats are more likely to develop diseases, such as heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, arthritis, or problems with Urinary Tract. Thus, over feeding your cat is not a good thing.

Smoking near it
Cats are also victims of passive smoking. In fact, when smoking inside your home, the toxic substances in cigarette smoke remain in the air, and your poor cat can inhale these substances for several hours, which greatly increases your risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease or respiratory disease.

Let her out
It has been proven that cats in the outside world live a shorter life than cats that live in the home. Reason? The many dangers awaiting them abroad. In fact, they run the risk not only of being run over by a car, but also of poisoning by harmful plants, fighting with other cats, stealing, or falling from the top of a tree or building or being contaminated with dangerous diseases.

Forget about pollinating it
All cats should be vaccinated, including those that live in the apartments. In fact, viruses and bacteria travel more by touching the soles of shoes or hands.

Many cat owners tend to forget or delay booster vaccinations. However, these vaccinations are the only way to continue protecting cats from many serious and life-threatening diseases. Without it, your beautiful story might end up with your pet. In addition, it is also an opportunity to have a medical examination at a veterinarian.

Not sterilized
This topic still has a clash of opinions, however sterilization of male and female cats is absolutely necessary if we are to ensure that they have the best possible life. In fact, cats can be a victim of particularly common and dangerous conditions at any time, such as uterine infections or even breast or testicular tumors.

By sterilizing your cat, you can increase life expectancy by several years. The more late a cat is sterilized, the more likely it is that he will have health problems in the reproductive system.

Sterilized against parasites
The disease in cats is not only due to viruses and bacteria. Parasites can also cause serious damage to the health of cats. Therefore, it is highly recommended to treat cats against fleas and ticks once a month, throughout the year. Likewise, it is necessary to get rid of intestinal parasites every 3 months.

Take care of her teeth
Paying special attention to your cat’s teeth is absolutely necessary. Poor dental health can not only cause cavities and gums, but also respiratory infections and even heart or kidney disease.

Ideally, you should brush your cat’s teeth at least once a week. If brushing your teeth is virtually impossible, you should plan to brush your teeth annually every year.

Notice signs of stress
Stress can be the cause of many diseases. Especially since cats are especially sensitive to any change in their environment. So even moving a piece of furniture or greeting a new animal at home can be very scary for your cat.

Stress can lead to behavioral problems, such as excessive licking, or health problems such as heart disease or urinary tract infection.

Stop motivating him
Cats need stimulation not only physically but also intellectually. However, it is not uncommon for cat owners to do everything to get distracted but once they become adults, they give up completely.

If you do not spend time playing each day with your cat, it is quite likely that you will develop depression. In this case, be aware that the result is fatal, as it may leave the cat itself starving.

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