Breeding cats protects children from “asthma”

Many parents questioned whether a cat could be brought up at home with children. The answer is yes ! Not only that, but having a cat at home has many benefits for you and your child.

He is a great playmate

The nice thing about cats is that they can serve as true friends of children. Your child can have fun with the cat by playing several games: hide and seek games, ball games … there will be no room for boredom in your home!

It is good for health

The good thing about cats is that we feel comfortable. In fact, nothing beats a good relaxing session after a hard day. But what you may not know is that cat purring also lowers your heart rate and slows your heart rate. In short, she has the power to help us relax completely! And if you want to calm your baby, the cat might be a good solution.

It strengthens the immune system

It may sound crazy, but it has been proven that children who grow up next to cats are less likely to develop asthma or allergies.

Encourages responsibility and learning

Having a cat at home also means looking after someone else. Your child will have to learn to pay attention to his health, take care of him, clean the cat litter box, and give him food and drink .. This will teach him to take responsibility from a young age.

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