Cat Litter: Here are some tips for getting rid of it

The cat litter box is an essential element for a healthy life for your cat, so it is your job to choose a box of good quality for your cat to feel comfortable in spending her needs. Here are some criteria to consider in finding the perfect litter area for your cat.

Correct size and good type :

The first thing to consider is size. Make sure your cat fits where it will serve as a litter box. It should be slightly larger than the cat. In fact, it is important that the latter not be tight in her chest, otherwise she may feel uncomfortable.

Next, you must choose a good quality according to your taste and needs. You can choose a plain box or even a self-cleaning technology. A regular box without a lid is often the best option, as it allows the cat to stay alert to the things around it. Plus, electronic boxes are expensive and can scare your cat, and that’s the last thing you want !

the place :

Make sure that the litter box is not located near where your cat is eating. It should be in a quiet place where your cat feels comfortable and with a degree of privacy.

Cleaning :

Waste should be removed with a shovel at least twice a day. First to avoid bad smells, but also to make your cat feel more comfortable. In addition, this procedure will allow you to discover if your cat is sick. Full cleaning of the box should be carried out with renewal at least once a month.

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