Complete Guide to Redirect and Pop-Up Traffic Arbitrage

How to Deal with Redirect Traffic?

This guide is an attempt to provide a structured guide with tips on usage of redirect and pop-up traffic.
Let’s make definitions clear at first:
Pop Up –  window with call-to-action that is opened in browser after specific user’s action or at specific moment.
Redirect – user being transferred to another website from the website he has intended to visit (usually is used for mobile traffic).
In general, both of the sources usually deliver low quality traffic with many bot generated activity. So one has to be very careful using this kind of traffic, as most of the advertisers have strict demands to the traffic sources.
It can seem that it is easy to work with such type of traffic as it is very cheap, on the other hand it can be rather tricky. It is all because of the necessity to divide profitable traffic from bots, and once you learn how to work with this traffic, you will be able to get thousands of leads for low price.

Get Reliable VPS for your landing page

You need reliable host, which is capable to take out tons of trash traffic and avoid fails. You need to decide how much traffic there will be, to calculate the load and define your main geo. For example: Indonesia, India usually provide lots of low quality and cheap traffic, however, it would be a bad idea to take their cheap VPS.
Nevertheless, you still need to choose a server or CDN service close to the target geo to provide the highest load speed. For example, if the traffic goes from Asia, you need to take the server in Singapore; if you need the traffic from EU, take the server in Netherlands/Germany, and so forth.

Fast Load Speed

You need to make sure page loads as fast as possible, as this is one of the main factors affecting your campaign success. Always make sure you use an optimized code.


You need proper tracking solution, as it is very important to derive white-route source of traffic from the grey-route one, especially if you work on several offers simultaneously. It is better to use SaaS solutions that deal with self-host ones, especially if you are a beginner.

Bot generated traffic

You should eliminate bot traffic if you want to succeed using redirect and pop-up traffic. And the best way to do this is to consider CTR parameters. If it is too low or even a zero one, you need to get rid of the traffic source immediately.
As you can see, it is rather easy, also can seem a routine work. You do not need to waste much on bot traffic; just test the source; if there are 50 hits and CTR still makes 0%, the traffic is likely to be useless for your campaign.

Always Keep Testing

You need to test new traffic sources constantly, as you never really know which one will bring profit. Of course it demands some additional budget, but that is not so much – usually one or two proper traffic sources found can cover expenses on testing of 20-30 poor traffic sources.

Additional monetization

When it comes to pop-up and redirect, there should be more than one conversion actions per call-to-action. For example, you should find the ways to earn even when user presses the Back button.
Here are some options you can use:
  • when user presses Back button, he should be redirected to the same page until he is converted;
  • redirect users to another websites (this traffic can be sold, as some networks buy it)
Of course, this is not a white traffic arbitrage tactics, and you should think twice before using it. The best choice would be to make sure the advertiser or CPA you work with is not against such approaches, as, otherwise, you can get banned from the network and lose everything you have earned.

To Sum Up

Redirect and pop-up traffic are usually used for offers that allow getting low quality traffic, so it would be a bad idea to use the prescribed above tips for offers that demand completely “white” traffic.
However, that does not mean that affiliate marketer should not use these methods; it is one’s obligation to find different cheap traffic sources to convert those in leads, and most of CPA networks and advertisers understand that. The main thing you should consider is that it is always better to put your cards on the table, when you are going to use these methods.

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