Didn’t choose a name for your cat ye t? Here are some suggestions

Who among us was not overwhelmed with the feeling of confusion when he adopted the first cat, about how to deal with him and care for him and watch over his comfort and of course choosing a suitable name for him. Here are the most suitable names for cats:

Milo : This name spread after (Milo and Otis) and the cat in this movie liked adventure.

Lily : It is the flower of the night, a slogan of innocence, purity and beauty. This name is one of the most beautiful names that a person may choose to take.

Max : It is an abbreviation of Maximilian which means (greatest)

Leo : It is a Latin word originally from Leon meaning lion

Chloe : It means a green shoot, which leads to freshness, youth and fertility.

Lucy : One of the names that can be pronounced in many languages ​​is easy pronunciation because it is easy to pronounce in French and English

Bella : The beautiful name means in Italian

Oliver : It is an English name meaning olive tree, and all cats called by this name are calm and peaceful and spend most of their time asleep.

Luna : means the moon in Latin, and it is also the name of the moon god of the Romans.

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