eBay Vs. Ali Express Vs. Amazon- Which One Is Better?

Online shopping is becoming very popular nowadays. You do not need to travel the market to look for your needs. The Internet has provided us with tremendous facilities to buy products online. There are many different popular online shopping platforms from where you can get good quality products. eBay, Ali Express, and Amazon are among the top online shopping platforms. They all offer almost everything you can imagine to buy, from food, beauty, health, to clothing, house furniture, and tools.

enefits of Online Shopping

There are the following benefits of online shopping:
  • You Do Not Have To Go Out
You can shop for anything by sitting at home. All you need is the internet. You can google any product you want to buy a simple order online. It is very convenient to shop online.
  • You Have More Variety Online
At stores, you have a selected and limited variety. Sometimes the products are also out of stock. While online stores and websites provide you with a larger variety of products according to your need.
  • Comparison And Cheaper Price
When you are surfing online, you can compare the same product at different stores to see the difference in rates. It will help you to make a better and cheaper choice.
  • Customer Reviews
Another great benefit of online shopping is that you can read customer reviews and see customer satisfaction level. It will help you to determine how good the product is.

Ali Baba

It is a Chinese-based e-commerce platform which is owned by Jack Ma. Jack Ma had experience failure in his business ideas and jobs in the past. But his will power, determination and skill sets led him to establish one of the world largest e-commerce platforms. Ali Baba is growing faster day by day and breaking previous records.


Amazon is American based which was the top buying place online in the past years. Jeff Bezos owns it. They provide business lines for buying and selling of products. It is one of the most popular online shopping websites.


Pierre Omidyar, based in America on eBay. Originally, it was called Auction Web; later the name changed to eBay. You can get almost anything on eBay. They also offer business opportunities for people.

Comparison of Top Online Shopping Platforms

As mentioned earlier, eBay, Ali Express, and Amazon are among the top online shopping websites. Here, we will have Ali Baba, eBay, Amazon comparison to see the pros and cons of each. We will look at different features of online platforms and compare them with each three of the online e-commerce website.
  • Prices of Products; which is more expensive?
The one thing every customer considers is the price of the product. Online shopping provides the Lowest prices. Even with the cheaper rates, people want to find out the best cheap rates of a product. Ali Baba has the cheapest rates when it comes to products. On the other hand, Amazon is cheaper than eBay.
  • Number of Employees
If we compare Ali Express vs. eBaythen Ali Baba has more employees than eBay. Ali Baba has more than 66,000 employees while eBay has more than 14,100 Employees. If we compare Ali Baba vs. Amazon, then Amazon has the most number of employees. Amazon has 613,300 employees. So, Amazon has the most number of employees and then comes Ali Baba and at the end eBay in terms of some employees.
  • Revenue
To see who is more successful, we will look at their revenue generated by them annually. eBay generated 10,746billion dollars in 2018, Amazon generated 232.98 billion dollars, and Ali Baba generated the most, 250.266 billion dollars last year.
We can see a tough competition between Amazon and Ali Baba. Amazon was on the top in past years but know Amazon has a competitor who has surpassed it. eBay is left far behind in this race.
  • Business Opportunities
Comparing Ali Express vs. Amazon for providing business opportunities, they both offer a platform to sell at their websites. In Amazon, you can advertise with Amazon, become Amazon service partner and even submit your business proposal which Amazon will help you to establish. Ali Baba, on the other hand, provides the Ali Baba Affiliate Program in which you can sell Ali Baba products on your website. You will receive a commission on every purchase that is done through your website. The commission may also increase with better performance. eBay also provides business opportunities for people. eBay allows you to start your business on their website. They will help you in establishing a good business set up.
If you choose the one with more revenue generated website, you have chances to grow your business faster and make it a success, because of its ratings and popularity.
  • Top Share Holders
The top shareholders of Amazon are Jeff Bezos, Andrew R. Jessy, and Jeffery Mike. The top shareholders of Ali Baba are Jack Ma, Yahoo, and Softbank. And lastly, to shareholders of eBay are The Vanguard group, Black Rock Fund advertiser and Saga Funds Management.
  • Rating
In the past years, Amazon had the most rating as compared to Alibaba or eBay. In recent years, Alibaba has grown considerably. Now, Alibaba has the top rating and then comes Amazon. In the last, comes eBay. The better the services and products, the better the rating of that platform.
If we look at the facts mentioned above, we can tell that Alibaba is better than Amazon and eBay. In second place come Amazon and then eBay. Still, Amazon and Alibaba are tough competition. Both are in the race of being more successful. All three have their pros and con, and people have their own reason to love each of them.

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