Google Rankings: How Long Does It Take?

If you have a website – this is an extremely important question you might wonder about.  Well, first of all, you have to respect a bit of recommendations in order to take less time. Time also differs on everybody’s approach. As much as you follow the rules, as little time will take.
There is a lot of advertisings for secret success that will bring you overnight on the top of the searches. With some you have to pay the classical 99.99$ to make you reach that high. Wouldn’t it be too easy if all of us buy the secret weapon and be all the first? Unfortunately, they are scams. And it takes a long time to be in the Google site ranking. Overnight is not an answer, no matter how much we want it to happen.
This scams not only that they don’t work, but they might also prejudice the image of your business and lower your google site ranking. So just don’t use it!

Google Algorithms

RankBrain is the new algorithm component at the heart of Google for searches, that comes to complete Hummingbird, the previous one.
Hummingbird was released in 2013 and it favored local searches and made it possible for a page to be listed even if it didn’t contain literary the exact words as typed. It was not focused on searching strings of words.
In complementary, RankBrain uses also machine – learning algorithms to interpret the missing strings, helping Google understand unknown things and to learn as it works. It is a continuous learning. If for example Google sees a phrase that doesn’t understand, instead of blocking itself and sending back just the string words, it gives interpretations. It came from from the need to give a result to never seen before queries.
If many users value the content of a page and link it forward, is a sign of good quality, which will bring the search higher on the PageRank.
It’s purpose is to calculate the qualitative number of the received links for a website, making the page seem credible and trustworthy.
Like in everything on the internet world, offer a good quality content, and Google will notice it. In fact, everybody is recognizing high quality over quantity. This is what Google promises to favor and the top searches seem to be the most relevant in quality.
SEO is making sure that your website has the right keywords, images, titles or videos. SEO is moving fast, so in order to be in the seo ranking, what was available yesterday is not today also. The trends in 2019 seem to be mobile first, video content, voice search, artificial inteligence and of course, last but not least, quality content.
Seems that Google prefers old pages, that already have a reputation in the domain. When we speak about old, is not the date when the URL was bought, but more like when was last time being used.
Also, newcomers have a good seo ranking, but general after 6 months. The opportunity to be listed is there, but it seems that after the 180 days pass, also the speed increases.
This is related to the Quality topic. A minimum of 300 words will do better on the google ranking, and general articles that are between 1000 – 3000 words are doing the best.
If you follow the recommendations regarding original posts, post length, timeliness of content and good keywords and wonder how long to rank in google, well in 6 months time, you should be there! It takes a while to receive big brother’s Google trust and to promote you first. But you can do it in half a year!
The first ranked website, it was researched to be around 7 years old. But you can rank your website if you are prepared with a very good google site ranking strategy.
Studies also say that after starting a website page, after 3 months you get some Google attention. But only if you prove that you are working in the right direction and understanding what the machine learning are searching for, then after 6 months you can get more and more traffic.
After you earn the Google site ranking trust, you will be rewarded! Not only that your website will be listed between the first searches in front of your competitors, but your business will also grow wild! So take the time to build it properly. Overnight is not going to happen. As much effort you put in constructing, in analyzing the keywords, in watching the new trends, as much success you will have.

There are several SEO courses, you might want to take in order to know what you are doing. Some beginners courses also give certification, you might need it. Reading an article on a website is not enough. Prepare yourself. Read. Study. And then start working. With just a google search, you can have tens of them on the internet and choose what is more appropriate for you. As explained before, Google did it’s job and found the most relevant and local queries!

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