How do I know if my cat loves me ?

Have you ever wondered if your cat really loves you? If you don’t have an answer, here are 5 behaviors of your cat that will undoubtedly prove to be related to you.

Eye contact with cats is the biggest sign of love :

If your cat stared at you for long periods of time and then closed her eyes slowly and opened, then she loves you.

The cat is in physical contact with you :

Cats express their love by contact with the person or thing they love. but why? Cats always care about the smell and the smells are very distinguished, so when the cat comes into contact with something, it leaves its smell in it as if it announces that this part or that this person is its private property.

The cat brings gifts for you :

It is true! Cats bring gifts to their loved ones on a regular basis .. Has your cat hunted a mouse or a bird before? If a cat loves someone, it catches them.

Doing the rumbling voice :

Some new cat breeders are disturbed by the sound of the cat’s trickling suddenly, because they do not know its cause, this cat’s trick is a sign of great love and a sign of the cat’s contentment with its owner.

Sitting your cat near you :

Cats love to feel comfortable during their relaxation periods. One of the signs of love in cats is that you are considered a comfortable place to sit and sleep. Cats also look at your loved ones for long periods of time and watch them silently, so you may find your cat in a state of intense focus with you, as this indicates that she loves you and always wants to stay with you.

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