How Much Do The Affiliate Marketers Make?

Every day I receive thousands of messages asking me these questions:
  • How much can I earn from affiliate marketing?
  • What are the amounts of earnings on affiliate programs?
  • And so on………….
Today  I am going to answer all of them in this article.
At first, we need to know
What works affiliate marketers do?
Simply affiliate marketers earns money through promoting others product. Suppose, you have a product. Someone writes a review or promotes your product in his marketing projects. Through his marketing process, you gained some sales and paid him a portion of the money you made from each sale. That payment is called affiliate marketing income for the affiliate marketer.
How much do the affiliate marketers make?
Now, this is a serious and confusing question. Because there are people who will tell you that you can earn up to 1 million USD, where some will tell you that they earn $300/month. But you need to figure it out yourself. I can give you a road map to figure out your future affiliate marketing earnings. 
To figure out your future affiliate marketing earnings you need to follow these steps: 
Step 01: Select a niche.
Selecting a Niche is mandatory for affiliate marketing income. Because if your selected niche is not profitable you are not going to make any money. Research before selecting the niche. Create a checklist for research. Follow the checklist top to bottom. Be oversure about every information. Make sure to follow the checklist at least three to four times. 
Step 02: Make sure the Niche is Reachable. 
This is important!!!!
Don’t go for a niche because that is profitable. Make sure you can dominate that niche. you should have expertise in that niche. Otherwise, it will be a blunder. you don’t want to invest your money and precious time in a niche where you will not be successful. Make sure that you have relevant knowledge on your selected niche. 
Step 03: Select a Profitable Niche
The selected niche should be a profitable one. If your niche is not profitable then you will not make a fortune from that. Try to select a niche that offers at least 5-10% commission per sale. 
After following these three steps now you can figure out your affiliate marketing earnings by doing a quick math.
Suppose you get 200 visitors per day, the product you promote has an average price of $100 and your commission rate is 10%. 
Now at a general rate, 40% of your visitor will click your affiliate link which 80 people per day. And 50% of those 80 people most likely to buy a product. That means You will earn 40*10=$100 per day.  
You can sum up the rest.
Now A Big question arises. 
How can you make that much affiliate marketing income?
 Let’s help you to do that. 
I will give you a simple guideline to do that by Amazon Affiliate Marketing. If you follow this guideline you can achieve the above milestone of $100/day in 4-6 months.
Select a niche.
select niche by following the above 3 steps. 
Create a website or Youtube Channel.
Website: For affiliate marketing website is the best option. Because it gives versatile options to promote your niche. You can use articles, images, videos, infographics for promotion purposes. 
Youtube:  Currently, the second largest search engine after Google is Youtube. Millions of people every day visits youtube. Creating a channel could be a great option for your affiliate marketing business. 
Grow your Business
For the website, you need to rank on google and other search engines to get organic visitors to your website. The ranking process follows a lot of hard and important works. You need to take care of your website every day until it ranks on the first page of search results for your targeted niche. You need to follow the On-Page and Off-Page SEO guidelines to make that happen.
For the Youtube Channel, you need to grow an audience who trusts you with your reviews and videos. Try to have a schedule and maintain it. If you say you will upload a video on Friday, do it on Friday. Don’t do it Saturday even Thursday. If you can’t then put on an apology video on Friday and mention when you can do it.
Create your authenticity
When you are recommending a product make an honest review. Don’t make a fake recommendation. That can increase your sells for a bit but you will lose a huge audience who could be potential future customers.  Try Link some trustworthy sites and channels to your reviews. They will increase your authenticity. If possible give them a live example through video.
Get your Links
After you have gathered an audience, create your Affiliate Accounts on your desired websites. Then get your links to the products you want to promote. Place them on your posts, videos and every relevant place possible. But you should careful with your links. Most people don’t like to see too many affiliate links around them. Also, the affiliate companies don’t like that too. They could ban you from there program for too many link posting. 
Extra tip: Try to use a short link and put a disclaimer on your site saying that your site or channel contains affiliate links that don’t affect the consumer’s product price. 
Maximize your Affiliate Marketing Earnings
Try to suggest related products from your niche to your audience. Like if you are promoting camping tents, then try to suggest camping boots as they are related. This will increase your earnings.
These steps could really help you to earn $100/day from affiliate marketing.
Before closing my post there are some important facts I should tell you. You are not alone in Affiliate Marketing. Every day thousands of people joining here as your competitor. So, you need to be consistent and resourceful most importantly confident that you can make it.

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