How to use Smartlink For Mobile Publishers ?

Publishers often encounter the notion of “Smartlink” when they browse for monetization opportunities. Those who already use it, report increased profits and better yield from their inventory. For those, who still want to learn about Smartlink, here’s a quick breakdown of what this technology is and how it can add to the publishers’ earnings.

What is Smartlink?

“Smartlink” is a tool for monetization of remnant traffic — the traffic that for some reason cannot generate profit for the publisher. Smartlinks are special URLs placed in the publisher’s inventory that lead users to relevant offers, according to the targeting parameters set by advertisers. It allows getting profit from each and every user, by targeting them with pertinent ads.

What is “remnant traffic”?

Smartlink works for the audience that cannot be monetized with other tools. When the clicks weren’t sold directly to the advertiser because the campaign reached its cap, the budget had been spent, or the ad was directed at a user with unsupported device, OS or geo — this traffic is called remnant. Generally, it would have been lost for monetization, but with Smartlink there’s an opportunity to turn it into profit.

Who needs Smartlink?

If you want to monetize all your traffic and avoid losses of profit, you need Smartlink. When generally, the unfamiliar audience would be lost and unavailable for monetization, with Smartlink publishers can get decent payouts instead.  

How does it work?

Having placed Smartlink URL into the inventory, publishers let the tool detect unfamiliar audience. Then, this traffic is redirected to relevant offers. Smartlink recognises geolocation, OS, device, interest category and finds the offer that would induce user to click, displaying it in the inventory.  

How to implement Smartlink?

It’s all automated. All that is necessary is to add a link to your app or mobile website, and you’ll be able to convert remnant traffic.  

Clickky’s Smartlink

Clickky offers Smartlink as a part of its Self-Serve Platform for Publishers. By registering and signing up to the platform, you automatically get access to Smartlink and you can choose to use it for your monetization campaigns.
This is how Smartlink looks like. You need to integrate this link into your inventory. In case you need any help with placing the link, the support team is always happy to help.

That’s it. Using Smartlink is very simple, but it can save you a lot of money. It’s a great opportunity for monetizing your inventory to the full without extra effort.

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