oes your cat perform strange behaviors ? Find out why

Cats are mysterious beings that sometimes adopt sudden behaviors, sometimes we even wonder if they came from another planet. Here is an explanation of some of the most strange behavior of cats!

Why does your cat bring you hunting ?

Your cat does not see you hunting and worrying about your survival without food, so it brings you its prey to show you how to do it, as her mother did when she was a kitten. Its goal is to teach you how to search for food in order to survive in this world, it is wonderful!

Why does she eat grass ?

Eating weeds causes kittens to vomit. Cats previously used to eat grass to get rid of non-digestible parts of their prey (bones, furs …). Now she does not hunt or rarely does this, but she eats grass so that the hair balls that form in her stomach vomit. If not, hair balls can clog their digestive system and cause them to die.

Why does she cover her stool ?

In the wild, cats are used to covering their feces underground to hide their scent. It was a way to clear their tracks so as not to attract any predators. Cats simply maintained the survival instinct of their ancestors.

Why does she like small spaces ?

Does your cat like to wander in bags, cardboard boxes, drawers, bags or even laundry baskets? She does this because she feels safe in confined spaces, nothing to surprise her.

Why does she like heights ?

By climbing to the top of the bookcase or lying over your closet, your cat feels comfortable. In fact, this allows her to take control of her entire environment, and to have a 360-degree view of what is happening around her.

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