Reddit : How To Get Traffic Using This Resource

Anyone on the Internet had surely heard about – the place that seems to spawn most of the viral content you see. On the surface, the first impression about is not great. Most of the non-Reddit users see the platform as a disorganized junk of users where every good post is negated by a dozen bad ones.

To an extent, it is true. But has a lot of potentials, and with the right strategy, you can tap into it to drive traffic for your benefit. For those, who don’t know much about; let’s start with an introduction to it.

What is is one of the oldest social news platforms that still continue to function. Founded in 2005, likes to call itself the “Front Page of the Internet”. It seems like a tall claim, but justifies that tag.

According to the recent data, houses 234 million unique visitors and sees 8 billion page views every month. So if you think this website doesn’t consume much time of users, think again. Stats suggest that an average user spend about 13 minutes or more every time he/she visits the site.

If you have never been on this website, this video help you to know basic things:

Things to Know About Reddit
I have listed and described the common terms that exist in Let’s check them out:

The users on are known as Redditers. What makes Redditers stand apart from other social platform users is their dedication. The content on is created, curated and improved by the redditers themselves. Without any supervision, witnesses the best content on the Internet, all thanks to its users. Most of the viral content you see on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter originate from by these redditers. The best thing about redditers is that they don’t claim any copyright over the content they create; everything is free and open to the world.

The entire Reddit is divided into specific categories known as “subreddits”. Subreddits help to keep the content organized on the platform and help users find exactly what they want. The best part about subreddits is that anyone can create and curate them. There is a particular benchmark for a subreddit to be considered “active”, and currently there are more than 7000 active subreddits.

Your worth on is displayed by your karma. Karma is the collective score you get from your activity on For example, if you get upvotes, post comments, create subreddits or engage users, your karma will go high. On the other hand, spamming or violating Reddiquette will push your karma score into the abyss. If you are hoping to have any impact on, you need to have a very high karma score. This means a lot of engaging and helpful content, and no useless stuff.

How to Drive Reddit Traffic?
Using for a marketing strategy is not the easiest of tasks, and surely requires a lot of hard work, but it could be done. can prove to be a treasure of traffic and you can divert all of it for your benefit. What’s more, you can get the redditers help you with it. Here is what you need to do:

Have a Presence that Counts
Simply having a profile on is not enough; you need to do more than that. Creating a subreddits (or more than one) is the right way forward, but some caution needs to be taken.

If you create a subreddit, you need to take care of it. Make sure it is around a topic that is informing, interesting and seeks user engagement. Be active on all the comments on the thread. Reply where you should, also upvote where you can.

You can create a subreddit around your business, but it should also be something that interests the users instead of simply being a marketing pamphlet. If you are moderating a subreddit, create a community feeling around all those who engage in it.

Entertain the Users
Unless you are Elon Musk or The Rock, people simply won’t care about your posts. However, they will care about the content you create if it interests them. Many organizations like, for example, Spotify hold monthly competitions that see a huge user engagement and, in turn, give free promotion to the company. You can do the same. However, it needs to be something really catchy and hold the attention of the users.

Keep Them Happy
Here is where your brand value really kicks in: customer support. might seem like a very unlikely place to provide customer support, but Reddit and Facebook see more customer-brand interaction than all emails.

On this website, you are both a person and a brand. This gives you a chance to interact like a person with your customers and solve their queries. Whatever it takes, keep them happy with your brand. Remember, in the digital world, your image means everything. Because of this, make sure you keep it spotless.

Holds AMAs
AMA, or Ask Me Anything, has proven to be a great marketing strategy in recent times. On the surface, it seems like a simple Q&A session with users. However, in reality, it is a great way to grab the attention of people towards your brand and gain extra traffic.

AMAs are so sacksful because it gives users a chance to interact with the brands directly- like two normal people do. People love being able to talk with big names like equals, so use it for your leverage. AMAs are usually centered on a theme, so chose a theme that is both relevant to your brand and useful to the Reddit users. So having one AMA every week should get the trick done.

Designate a Community Manager
Today, community managers are as important for a company as PR professionals. So if you want to establish your image on any social platform, you need a person who would be your voice on that platform. Look for someone who is passionate about interacting with others and always seems to have the right words to say. Platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit and Quora are essentially communities, so you need to find a person you can promote this community feeling and use it for the benefit of your brand. Community managers essentially make your brand “one of us” for the redditers instead of some alien entity.

Keep Them Posted
Why, you ask? Well, people crave to be ahead of the news everyone else is getting. If you establish as the primary source of info about your company, it will divert a lot of attention towards it.

Post about any new product, service or update regarding your brand on a regular basis. If not your brand, then keep posting news in the niche that concerns your brand. You need to give something interesting to the redditers every time they checkout your profile.

Moreover, can be a fantastic source for content ideas. Click here to know more.

Final Thoughts
So, as you saw, is less of the mess you thought it to be, and more of a golden mine of underutilized potential. With the right strategy, you can leverage all of that to promote your brand. All you need to do is create an effective strategy and follow the plan.

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