Targeting Basics for Traffic Arbitrage guide

Efficient Targeting for Traffic Arbitrage

When it comes to traffic arbitrage, campaign targeting is about defining parameters that allow you to reach an audience that responds best to the product you promote. Targeting parameters may include:
  • origin
  • operating system
  • age
  • sex,
Usually affiliate marketer targets campaigns, based on relevant statistics, collected in advance, which allows increasing campaign ROI.

Review of Targeting in Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the network you work with is always interested in providing you with the best tools and the most current information about potential clients’ preferences. Different networks will offer different targeting options including different characteristics.
However, for the majority, targeting always consists in determination of the same parameters as, for example, the country, device used, the browser, an operating system, etc.
Skilled marketers usually work with detailed targeting, narrowing target audience to the minimum. In the meantime, beginners study on wider target audience.

Advanced Targeting Tips for Affiliate Marketer

In general, there are two types of targeting:
  • by technical parameters
  • by marketing parameters
When it comes to marketing parameters you need to consider things like age, sex, preferences, and etc.
And that is what worked for marketers and advertisers previously. But now, when there are so many devices and different sources of traffic, you need to consider technical parameters as well:
  • type of device used (desktop, smartphone, tablet)
  • type of connection (Wi-Fi, cable, 2G/3G/4G)
  • operating system (Windows, Android, Symbian, iOS)
As for the affiliate marketers, the technical parameters today are of more value.

Type of Connection

It is important, when you choose the type of content to use. Video goes bad for mobile connection, and you need to optimize data you publish to provide fast load.
Moreover, some offers go well only for those who use Wi-Fi connection, so this parameter should be adjust to the launch of campaign.

Operating Systems and Devices

Campaign can be aimed at certain operating systems and devices, which gives you more control over an audience that, in the end result, sees your announcement.
Most often, the bigger amount of traffic is driven by Android devices users. However, iOS users show more interest in premium products.
Considering this fact, you need to check volumes and results of each OS to decide which of them will suit you the most in every particular campaign.
Users use different devices to access the network, but most of mobile users are connected via cell phones. However, it does not mean that you need to be limited only to traffic coming from smartphones.


Targeting by languages allows you to filter users depending on language they use.
This function is especially useful for those countries in which the population speaks few languages.
For example, if you want to start a campaign in Belgium. Residents of Belgium speak Dutch, French, German and Flemish languages.
How to sort out traffic in this case?
You can create different campaigns targeting each of languages, and use creatives for each language that will definitely raise CTR and coefficient of conversion.


Dayparting allows you to choose certain time of day, in which your campaign will be active, and to establish the time zone. This especially valuable if you need to promote delivery service or something like that.
You can choose the hours, in which you get the most profit, and to target only specific periods of time, thus reducing costs of traffic.


Targeting by websites will give you chance to place your ad on the most productive websites.
You need to create a whitelist of resources that really interest the target audience, and make sure you place your ads there. It is routine and hard work, however, as a result, it always brings back what you have wasted.


You also can set targeting by keywords. It means that you can choose the words or phrases relating to your campaign to target relevant users. Each keyword will collect traffic from different websites.Do you want to be convinced that your announcement will receive broad coverage? Then use generally used keywords. However, if you want to optimize campaign costs use low-frequency keywords.

Targeting by the IP Range

Many affiliates collect the personal lists of IP addresses, which then help them to improve results, directing advertising only to relevant users. Such targeting can be better than targeting by a specific operator of advertising network.
Where to receive IP ranges?
If you already have campaigns, which have been active for some time, you can receive IPs from your statistics. Just check tracker statistics for IP of your operator. You can also ask the account of the manager to send IP range to you.
Usually advertisers share IP lists with a partner program, and a manager is able to send you a list.
You can also use services of the third parties and buy IP databases, for example, on MaxMind.

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