The Story Of The Successful Lazy Mother

CRM & The Story Of The Successful Lazy Mother

No one will deny that parenting is hard work, but the demands seem to have changed over the years to the point where mothers’ often feel like they have to be “wonder woman” or should we say wonder mom?

Fifty years ago a good parent was someone who provided a safe, loving home, plenty of good food, and taught the kids to be respectful of others. These parents protected their children from danger and were concerned about things like feeding their kids and providing shelter. Making sure their children had enough to eat, were dressed properly and sat up straight seemed to be the norm back then. Today there are multiple books about child rearing and of course the information age has added to the explosion of theories about how to raise a child. Parents are stressing more than ever before about producing emotionally and physically healthy kids.

We now have millions of parents around the world who hover over their kids because they are afraid they aren’t going to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually without constant guidance. This is what many people refer to as “helicopter parenting”. It is interesting to note though, there are still some mothers who take a back seat from the get go.

The best way to grow up a business is depended on the management of customer relationship monitoring. The periodical study on the data obtained from this monitoring can help to take proper step on making the next plan. It is as the mother of business.

A mother is always awakened on her child and keeps monitoring on the baby. From the habit of eating to building of character, every step is under her fingertips. She makes proper planning to grow her child in proper way and apply those on it. In this way her baby becomes a valuable person in the society. Nearly in the same process CRM always keeps analyzing the data of customer interaction and prescribe the probable steps to take. It stores the customer interests as data and processes those in mathematically on a scientific way to help to prosper in your business.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a defined way to manage company’s interaction with potential and current customers. Depending on the customer history with a company it analyzes data to improve business relationships with customers. It specially focuses on customer retention and drives sales growth. It compiles data from a various communication system as phone, email, website, live chat, marketing materials and social media. By the help of CRM, company gets the facilities to know the target audience of the sales and find the best way to cater their needs.
Salesforce is one of the CRM software based on the cloud and having everything you need. Larger and smaller, both businesses and enterprises can get advantages from this with an affordable and business-friendly price. This platform is very easy to use including key features like lead generation, contact and opportunity management, sales forecasting, workflow automation, and much more.

CRM features

Salesforce is all about streamlining the sales process to help your business close sales quickly and easily. It has the features which are very need to grow a business successfully. Everything is automated and done in an efficient way. This software is also designed to show you all of the information you need to manage contacts, find leads, turn prospects into customers, run more efficient marketing campaigns and much more.

Contact management: Salesforce provides an interesting contact management system which is more than a traditional address book. Beside storing phone, email, address and other important contact information, it also keeps other valuable data to show you the clear concept of every customer. As an example, the customer profile contains some analytical data as histories, deals and past communications. It is also contained with generated social media information, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so more which is also very important to checkup their profiles and know the opinions which are shared by them on the social media.

Opportunity management: It is a perfect tool of Salesforce to provide you efficiently manage opportunities and quickly close sales with an automated evaluation and quoting tools. It also can provide a detailed PDF summary which populates pertinent data as customer information, quantities, pricing, payment terms, delivery information and more. It also can email this copy directly to the customer from the Salesforce platform. This software also can show you the current value of product sales and track activities as your business need.

Forecasting: With the help of Salesforce you can get sales forecasts including all kind of details, from monthly and periodic quota attainments to categories, revenues, contract values and customers. You can make review and adjust these forecasts in real time as you see fit which is a very essential to reach the goal.

Report: This software generates and analyzes reports to help you take the review in an instance. It provide the feature of drag-and-drop reporting tools which includes real-time charts, graphs and the ability to zero in on categories with a brief details. The reports are also be displayed on the dashboard so that you can get everything as quickly as you log in.

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