She Rubbed Baking Soda On Her Feet 😐, Results Stunned Her 😍


She Rubbed Baking Soda On Her Feet 😐, Results Stunned Her 😍Rough scaly skin on feet / Dry scaly skin on feet

These days I spend a lot of time in flat shoes power walking to work or trainers at the gym, so when I go out (as in out out) I like to put on one of my many pairs of beautiful heels.  I have always had a thing for sling backs and strappy shoes, however, all the running around and new gym regime has left my feet in a bit of a mess and aren’t something I am eager to get out and show off in a beautiful pair of heels.

The good thing about taking care of your feet is that you don’t need to visit a salon to maintain their good condition.

We have an amazing method for you which you can do at your own home. By repeating this treatment regularly, you will notice amazing results and finally, your feet will look good!

Sodium bicarbonate is used in a process for removing paint and corrosion called sodablasting; the process is particularly suitable for cleaning aluminium panels which can be distorted by other types of abrasives.

Just follow the instructions below:

Needed Ingredients:

4-5 liters of water
4-5 liters of water

3 tablespoons of baking soda (e.g. baking soda woolworths)
3 tablespoons of baking soda 

Pumice stone
Pumice stones
(“Pumice stones” are often used in beauty salons during the pedicure process to remove dry and excess skin from the bottom of the foot as well as calluses)


Dissolve the baking soda in…


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