Top 10 Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

Google chrome offers numbers of SEO tools to help you in SEO efforts. Here are the best SEO Chrome Extensions
  1. Buzzsumo Extension

Buzzsumo is a well-known marketing tool which allows you to search for the most popular content. Buzzsumo analyzes top performing content formats. It also shared content for the current website. Buzzsumo chrome extension allows access to all URLs because it looks for useful information. BuzzSumo Chrome Extension provides the best features to those who Buzzsumo pro. The main benefit of this extension is a time-saving amenity for users doing articles, research writing.
  1. MozBar

MozBar is a chrome extension by Moz that allows getting instant SEO from different websites without leaving web page. MozBar is used by SEO experts daily; it launches its new version for digital marketers. MozBar quickly accesses page authority and domain authority of any site. Extension exposes page elements, general attributes, and HTTP status.
  1. Page Analytics by Google

Google page analytics extension makes you understand how your users are interacting with your site. Google analytics has a lot of fascinating features, but many customers are still unknown to it. The main feature of this extension is to analyze users how to interact with pages and specified links. Previously google analytics has removed in page features on reasons of errors and newly launched page analytics chrome extension.
  1. SEOquake

SEOquake is a free plugin that presents key SEO metrics with useful SEO Tools like an SEO audit. The SEOquake extension allows instantly to estimate difficult keywords. It set parameters for required search along with this get complete audit report including mobile checking capability. SEOquake is really easy to work with. SEOquake provides a wide range of default parameters like google index, google links, Yahoo, Bing.
  1. Link Miner

It shows you backline information and social data for any link on the page. However, it’s a time consuming without the help of a proper tool.  Moreover, it provides link data of web page next to the status code.
  1. Woorank Chrome Extension

This SEO extension provides a deep SEO report for the provided website. It’s a powerful tool for internet marketing professionals, designers, and digital professional. SEO report is an extension by woorank. When you click the woorank extension button, this opens a right menu along SEO analysis.
  1. Redirect Path

All the magic happens on your computer, so it does to phone home to anyone and its instantaneous. Redirect path logo is an iconic set. It is bringing potential issues that may not otherwise be seen to your attention immediately.
  1. Link Grabber

A helpful add on, with the help of this extension one can grab all links from site page on one go. SEO Chrome extension allows you to copy-paste the complete list of URL in the spreadsheet. The extension requires no special permission. It provides a context menu item to activate.
  1. Page Load Time

It calculates the loading time of each web page and shows it in the toolbar. Loading time of site page shows the quality of your site that how many users are going to it if it takes more time the customers may leave your page.

It provides short links for long web addresses. It’s a link management platform, with the help of this shortening the URL helps in to make content distribution easy which is beneficial for Email marketing purpose. It also helps to track the link and compile data and check the performance of each campaign.
The highly launched Top SEO Chrome Extension promote the rank of your site because they are directly proportional to revenues that the organization generates. These tools help business to step up in the market for better google chrome browser.

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