Top 10 Demand Side Platforms (DSP) For Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic Advertising?

The computerized marketing strategy directed to a specific and well-defined audience through real-time bidding is called programmatic advertising. It has revolutionized the advertising platforms in the last few years. Various media advertisement impressions have been made available. They include various channels and formats like audio, mobile, desktop, digital outdoor, set-top boxes, digital TV, etc.

Dsp definition

This is a single interface that allows buyers to purchase automated advertising inventories from different ad exchange platforms.
The demand side platform allows advertisers to access a vast amount of digital data they can choose from and would be useful to their advertising content.
Programmatic advertisement utilizes the services of such a platform to design advertisements and customize it for a specific audience. Due to the rising demand for programmatic marketing, the number of demand-side platforms is constantly increasing. However, an advertiser decides to use one platform over another for various reasons. Let us check the top 10 DSP available in the market.
  1. Adobe Media Optimizer DSP

It was designed by Adobe. Its use is not limited to adobe as it can be used across various channels. It provides the best-customized inventory. Marketers use this platform to run campaigns in TV, digital screens, and top boxes.
  1. Sizmek

It is one of the pioneer platforms founded in 1999. It is named the largest DSP platform in the world. It is also an independent ad server. Through this platform, advertisers get predictive marketing data from channels like campaigns, context, cost, consumer and creative.
  1. TubeMogul

Besides being an independent software platform, it is the first one in the industry to offer advertisers a simplified efficient and easy planning, buying and managing advertisements. All this is offered from a single platform. The channels involved are mobile, social, TV, video and display. It connects with various DMP and DSP platforms.
  1. AppNexus

It was founded in New York. Its services are offered across various devices including mobile devices. It balances the supply and demand in the market. It enables advertisers to offer services that are much needed in the market. It minimizes cases of outdated marketing strategies focusing on trending issues. It is exceptionally adaptable ad serving. Its main targets are advertisements in mobile devices and various screen campaigns.
  1. Dataxu

It was founded in 2009.  Mobile DSP is one of the tools it offers. This enables mobile media advertisers to reach a larger client based in a more efficient way. Its user interface (UI) is user-friendly. Marketers and advertisers are offered with a simplified platform to interact with customers through the internet. Considered as the easiest interface a client can ever use. It enables advertisers to reach customers across various channels. Customers’ needs are covered efficiently.
  1. Facebook Ads Manager

This idea was implemented after Facebook’s first attempt to launch a demand-side platform was halted due to data privacy issues.
Facebook Ads manager sells its own data. Therefore there is no technical middleman between it and purchasers. It is available as an App. It enables app users to use and manipulate data to produce the desired outcome all under one platform. The advertisers are guaranteed an audience of close to 2 billion. Therefore data can be manipulated to reach any target group without possibly exhausting the client base.
  1. MediaMath

This platform uses the TerminalOne Marketing Operating was founded in 2007. It is the pioneer in the Demand-side Platform industry. It was founded in an attempt to revolutionize the marketing strategies in order to see better results using automated platforms. It is the only platform of its sort to enable advertisers with an extensible, open stage to release the intensity of objective-based promoting at scale, straightforwardly over the endeavor. It is used in formats such as video, social, display, and mobile.
  1. DoubleClick Bid Manager

This was invented by Google. It is a multi-channel, cross-platform DSP. It hosts over 100 ad exchange platforms that give advertisers a chance to choose from vast inventory silos. Advertisers
  1. The Tradedesk

It is one of the largest DSP in the programmatic marketing platform. It is among the pioneer companies in the is a fast-growing DSP platform available.  Its bid capabilities are more advanced than many platforms. The customer’s journey is well illustrated. You view their actions from the initial impression up to the purchase process. It has the ability to connect with various DMPs, media purchasers and sellers.
  1. AppLift

This is a DSP designed exclusively for the mobile platform.  This is useful in mobile app has access to over 30 programmatic mobile marketing channels in the form of video, display, an ad exchange, and SSPs. Data used here is derived from the 1st party and 3rd party sources. This data is used to optimize conversions. Since it offers the data inventory in real time, campaign performances are analyzed, measures and optimized to offer solutions to current demand.

How do you choose a DSP advertisement platform?

There are various factors to consider before settling for a demand-side platform for your advertising business.  They include and not limited to
  • Whether the platform offers both a mobile app and web-based inventory. Some platforms will include both.
  • A large amount of data that will give an advertiser a chance to get the best impressions. The target audience is therefore provided with more customized advertisements that will fulfill their needs.
  • How strong is the data available? This will determine how successful how the campaign will be.
  • Is the algorithm sophisticated? The more sophisticated algorithm will give the best optimization to help win bids competitively. An advertiser will also be able to compare prices of the media they want to purchase and buy what gives the best value for their money.

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