Top 16 Most Insanely Stupid Engineering Fails

With all of the various engineers and engineering professions across the globe, there are endless hilarious examples of engineering fails. Sometimes it’s the engineer’s fault and others it is the builder being unable to read the plans. Regardless, here are 17 of the most insanely stupid engineering fails we could find from across the web.

The electrical water outlet

I like to call this the ‘electrified death socket.’ It’s what happens when a plumber and an electrician have a baby who then goes on to start his own business. I have so many questions about how this even happened.

The “late to class” door

[Image Source: Imgur]
That’s probably the door you have to come in if you don’t make it to class in time. You would be surprised at how many buildingshave doors leading to nowhere.

Extra balcony

[Image Source: Imgur]
While this extra balcony was likely put there so that the building looked uniform from a distance, the architect or engineer could have done a better job making it look functional.

A close fit

[Image Source: Imgur]
We can’t think of a practical use of having urinals this close together. Nope.

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