Why Are Push Notifications The Trendiest Ad Format

Push notification was first introduced in the ad industry in 2018. Since then they have been a favorite choice to the advertisers. Push notification have made a clear path for itself and it is going to stay for a long time in the industry. 
Blackberry first introduced the push notification service for their mobile users to alert them about new incoming emails in 2003. Back in those days, you couldn’t have push notifications other than in a Blackberry mobile. But time has been since then and now push notification are today’s essential part in online platforms. Many research indicated that the average rate of opt-in push notification was nearly 55% in 2018. Push notification became a part of everyday life and in the media market, it is growing in no time. Every day people are using more money in advertising through push notification. 
Push Notification – Fulfilling an advertiser’s dream
Push notification is not like other ad formats. It is more showing without disturbing your visitor’s user experience. Because these ads are not placed in a place where people get disturbed while using your site. As a result, push notification achieved double CTR than other formats by getting 1.5% CTR for shopping ads on Google sits. 
Push notifications have been acknowledged by numerous advertisers for their capacity to not directly interrupt the user experience, whilst presenting adaptability and necessity to display targeted content at the right time. This is the reason they’ve become so useful for advertisers. When performed perfectly, these native notifications are presented directly to a user’s device. Thus, offering advertisers immediate access to target audiences without any mediators.
But the benefits of push notification does not stop here. The style that push notification follows has created high visibility and reach for every ad. According to research, the push notification has an outstanding 7.8% average reaction rate. Instantly grasping the concentration of users without being interfering, it allows advertisers a system of re-engaging audiences, producing higher engagement and improved click-through rates.
Push Notification – Improving Brand Appreciation
Push Notifications also play a notable role in improving user experiences with brands. Keeping users updated with time-sensitive, well-targeted data can be of excellent advantage considering the unintrusive nature of the tool. Through this the signals don’t feel like ads, rather they’re there to provide clients more data, or to let them know about future promotions or suggestions. Amidst the sea of marketing contest, a kind suggestion works in a great way.
Online ads, commonly, receive a large amount of flak in the modern world. Consumers often share the same experience of the pair of shoes that accompanies them around the internet, which appear to be both interfering and inappropriate as they make an impression on almost every site they enter. But, Push Notifications can oftentimes be of great benefit to users. Though advertisers have to be cautious not to bombard consumers with notifications, last-minute coupons, offers and deals can make a user feel admired by a brand – and can even extend to another touchpoint in a company’s marketing funnel as a result.
This could sound simple, but push notification can enhance a brand’s value and improve its customer’s UI.
Push Notification – A Great Opportunity for Publishers.
Publishers can also benefit from push notification alongside the advertisers. Push notification brings high eCPMs as well as they also offer a range of opportunities with the user-centric ad format. It offers a non-interfering ad experience to website users. Because they can be used adjacent to other ad formats, they also provide easy monetization for publishers. Allowing extra revenue without changing any other active ads.
As the user doesn’t have to be on the publishers’ sites when they are clicking, it increases the publisher’s visitor engagement. Push notification allows a publisher to earn through an alert system without physically placing an ad on the website. 
Push Notification – Absolute visibility
Advanced users are habitual to the abundance of advertising on the Internet. They have produced banner ignorance: subconsciously, they pay no thought to the ads.
The real advantage of push-notifications is they have 100% visibility to visitors. A push notification will pop up on the desktop or mobile screen, so it’ll be impossible for the visitor to ignore or disregard it.
Big companies and global brands are increasingly phasing out of general ads format in favor of push-notifications.
Push Notification – Audience Loyalty
Users have been subscribing to push notification service as they like it. This means they want to receive more alerts. Hence, push-notification is an ad format with a high CTR. Users can choose to stop getting notifications at any time. This privilege of choice enhances the loyalty of visitors.
Push Notification – Re-Engage visitors.
Websites and most apps are using push notification to en-engage with their old visitors. Visitors who turn on push notification always get an alert when there is something new on the website or app. 
It also increases conversion rate. People who visit from push notification do know about the content topic. So, most of the time they purchase something or subscribes, which gradually increases the conversion rate.
Future of push notification
With the growth of data violations, clients are more conscious than ever of problems with online security. There’s a purpose why multi-factor authentication (MFA) is getting a reputation. Websites assist MFAs after a user enters their password. This extra step serves as an extra user verification, typically by asking users to input some sort of symbol. Usually, it’s a one-time use password, facial recognition, thumbprint, or a physical dongle. This additional step blocks breaches and hacking from happening.
One brand-new process for MFA is within push notifications. Websites send a push notification to the mobile device to sync with the account for quick verification. This system doesn’t need code memorization or physical dongles to be safe.
This way visitors can be safe with their data. 

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