Why do cats cover their faces when they sleep ?

You may have noticed before that during a nap, your cat is covering her eyes with one of her claws in a terrible way. Does this allow her to sleep better? Or why?

1. Because it is comfortable

We all have a preferred sleep method, the same applies to your cat. If she falls asleep with a claw on her face, it is because she feels comfortable that way.

2. To shelter from the light

Although cats like to lie in the sun, their eyes are sensitive to light. Therefore, when she sleeps somewhere with sunlight, her claws are used to cover her heads and thus protect her eyes. It just allows her to sleep better.

3. To feel safe

It is well known that cats often sleep with only one eye in order to respond immediately to the least threat. In nature, cats are predatory but also prey, so they try to stay alert.

However, sleeping hours are the times when you are most at risk. Thus, they need to find techniques to feel safe and sleep peacefully. For example, you love sleeping in high places to be out of reach of potential enemies.

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