Why do cats like to drop things ?

When your cat drops vase, foods, and other things off the table, shelf, or wardrobe, it does it on purpose entirely, there are several reasons behind this behavior.

1. To practice fishing

When the cat sees something on the table, he tries to touch it without hesitation. but why? The cat is a particularly curious animal, and its hunting instinct is highly developed. So when he sees something, he has to make sure he’s not moving and he’s dead.

2. To attract attention

If your cat accidentally drops something and notices that it has caught your attention, it is very likely that he will continue to do the dropping of things.

In fact, seeking attention is a relatively common behavior among cats who live in apartments, because they feel bored all day. So I often prefer to do silly things to attract attention. But this can also happen when the cat is hungry or where its litter is dirty.

In this case, the only solution is to give your cat more attention: playing with him, cuddling him, in short making him feel you are there for him! And most importantly, don’t forget to meet all of his basic needs by feeding him regular meals and cleaning the place of his droppings regularly.

3. To play

It is very common for cats to play with their prey before eating them, so when you see something on the table you drop it and run after it!

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