Your cat wakes up every day at the same time ? Find out why !

Whoever said that raising cats is easy, he should try to wake her early every day, in addition to the difficult days that we spend throughout the week, our sleep nights are also short because of our cats that wake up at 6, 7 or 8 in the morning every day.

Here are the main reasons why cats get up early :

It attaches to its daily protein

Cats like to have all their days the same and all the events to happen in the same way every day and at the same hour. And sometimes even a minute. In fact, it is this routine of life that allows her to feel safe in her environment. If one of her habits changes, she may feel stressed or even completely sad. This is why your cat wakes you up at the same time every day. Because she got used to it by watching closely since you left until you got home, she knows your schedule by heart. She knows that you wake up at this time to go to work, for example. Unfortunately for you, he does not know the concept of the weekend.

He feels hungry

As for your cat, you wake up to feed it too, and this is an incentive to wake you up, so in this case, be sure to always ignore your cat when you wake up. Do not give him food or foreplay so that he does not promote this behavior. Also, don’t feed him when you wake up, take the time to prepare and eat breakfast before feeding it. Finally, remember to feed him before going to bed and leave him a small bowl of croquette overnight so that he can satisfy his hunger.

His sense of vitality at dawn

The cat is more active before sunrise and after sunset. In fact, his vision is more adaptive to lighting levels in these intermediate moments of the day. This allows it to be more effective for hunting (and hence playing) and social communication. In addition, its prey in nature (especially mice) is also more active at dawn and dusk.

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